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(Shoal Creek Kansas City, Missouri May 18,2002)

"Defenders of Shoal Creek Village"  SCID02-1
(panoramic print available for this image,for details send

"Musket Check"  SCID02-2
"The Colonel"  SCID02-3
(Colonel Ted Prater)
"Aim High"  SCID02-4

"Pep Talk"  SCID02-5
"We're in the Army Now!..."  SCID02-6
"Fire by Company"  SCID02-7

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"Captains' Call"  SCID02-8

"Marching Drill"  SCID02-9
"No Talking Boys!"  SCID02-10
(Colonel Ted Prater)

View-Fort Riley Honor Guard Cavalry Drill

View-Confederate Infantry Drills

View-Camps and Miscellaneous-photos coming soon

View-The First Battle-photos coming soon

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