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(Kansas City, Missouri May 18,2002)

"The Troopers"  SCCD02-A
pictured left to right:Corporal Pace on "Cincinnati, Specialist Spain on "Trooper", Specialist Rowley on "Scout", Specialist Mills on "Victory", Specialist Lower on "Boo Boo", Sergeant First Class Sutton on "JD"
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(pictured in "Clean Jump": Corporal Pace, pictured in "Two Pistols" Specialist Lower and Spain; other photos identified below)

"Mans' real best Friend"  SCCD02-7
(pictured:Specialist Mills)

"Precesion"  SCCD02-8
(pictured: Specialist Spain)
"Timing"  SCCD02-9
(pictured: Specialist Rowley and Lower)
"Teamwork"  SCCD02-10
(pictured:Specialist Lange and Spain)
"Beauty and the Beast" SCCD02-11
(pictured:Specialist Lange and Spain)
"Swift sword"  SCCD02-12
(pictured: Specialist Spain)
"Two troppers"  SCCD02-13
(pictured: Specialist  Lower and Spain)
"Don't try this at Home!"  SCCD02-14
(pictured: Specialist Mills)
"Three Amigos"  SCCD02-15
(pictured: Specialist Mills,Spain and Lower)
"Balloon Buster"  SCCD02-4
(pictured: Specialist Mills)
"No Hands!"  SCCD02-3
(pictured: Specialist Spain-left and Sergeant First Class Sutton)
"Sabre Fight"  SCCD02-5
(pictured: Specialist Rowley, Mills and Sergeant First Class Sutton)
"Sabre Dual"  SCCD02-6
(pictured: Specialist Mills and Rowley)

"Close up of "Beauty and the Beast"
(pictured: Specialist Lindsay Lange)

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