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(8-4-5-01 GLASGOW. MO.)

If you can identify any of the units / individuals pictured in these photos, please email me with the information.Thank you very much.  (Reprints are normally availible only on prints that have the "purchase print" button,however
if you would like to order or use any other photos not marked, please let me know.)

"The Hour has Come" GC01-1

"Inspecting the Lines-close up"  GC01-2 (purchase print)

"Lady Talk"  GC01-3

"Oh Suzanna..."  GC01-4
"Cowboy"  GC01-5

"Merchant"  GC01-6
"Show me the Money!"  GC01-7
"Cooking"  GC01-8
"Fiddlesticks"  GCO1-9 (purchase print)

"Inspecting the Lines"  GC01-10 (purchase print)

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