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(GLASGOW. MO. 8-5-01)

If you can identify any of the units / individuals pictured in these photos, please e-mail me with the information.Thank you very much.  (Reprints are normally available only on prints that have the "purchase print" button,however
if you would like to order any other photos not marked, please let me know.)

"Confederates will Receive"  GB201-1

"Waiting for the Enemy"  GB201-2
"Union Challenge"  GB201-3

"Cavalry Shootout"  GB201-4 (purchase print)

"Bring on the Yankees!"  GB201-5

"Yanks on the Move"  GB201-6

"Rebs under Fire"  GB201-7

"Cav v. Cav"  GB201-8 (purchase print)

"Clamor of Steel"  GB201-9 (purchase print)

"Terrible Swift Sword"  GB201-10 (purchase print)

"Deadly Duel"  GB201-11 (purchase print)

"Settling with Sabres"  GB201-12 (purchase print)

"To the Death!"  GB201-13 (purchase print)

"Hot Blades of Steel"  GB201-14 (purchase print)

"Deadly Dance"  GB201-15 (purchase print)

"The Wages of Sin..."  GB201-16 (purchase print)

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